Beijing Nightlife: More Money than Sense

After a few local beers at the sister hostel to mine (much bigger and better bar, questionable music choice though) we decided to check out Beijing’s clubbing scene. We grabbed a taxi to a club that had been recommended called Mix. Pulling up outside it was instantly evident that the place was swanky from the spot lights, mass security and red carpet-esq entrance. This was confirmed as we went downstairs and saw the swish decor and table bottle service.

The tables were full of bottles of expensive champagne, whisky, vodka etc. A few had the most amazing displays of champagne bottles in a pyramid shape with flashing crowns on top of each bottle. Others had 5 litre bottles of whisky that I can’t even imagine the cost of considering a beer was around £7. A bit excessive for a Monday night! But the thing was, they were hardly drinking them! Or hardly even speaking to each other in fact. They were all just sat on their phones clearly not having the most amazing night ever.

Despite the serious lack of people on the dance floor us drunk westerners got up to dance pretty quickly. As the night progressed more and more Chinese got up to dance and I was even pulled up on stage to dance to some dirty R&B tunes.

As the night got later people started ordering fruit platters! Very bizarre. So lessons learnt from my first Chinese night life experience: splash the cash, order fruit, and wear a dress – no matter how fancy the club is, it’s still squat toilets. Very difficult when drunk!


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