Shanghai: Lack of Culture, Plenty of Cosmopolitanism

After an extremely slow start I decided to get a ferry across the river to the Pudong area. This area of the city is extremely glamorous with every building being a towering glass skyscraper or a huge designer shopping mall. The whole place had an overwhelming feeling of class and glamour. I went for dinner in a mall with great views over the river before exploring the area and going up the Shanghai Financial Tower to the observation deck on the 94th floor. The view was incredible of the vibrant illuminated city below.


The next morning I visited the Buddhist temple. To be honest it had nothing on the one in Beijing, with the views been spoilt by the surrounding building construction and the peaceful atmosphere ruined by the shopping centre next door blasting Uptown Funk and various Katy Perry songs.

The afternoon was much better however, I visited M50, a vibrant art area full of small galleries, stalls with artists selling their jewellery or decorated pottery, and bands playing. I then went to explore Tianzifang, a really charming little place full of shops and bars in original little alleyways.

For what Shanghai lacks in historical sights it more than makes up for in amazing nightlife and buzz. I went out clubbing with some English people I’d met in the hostel. Again, the club we went to, Fusion, was awesome and we were given wristbands which meant we had free drinks all night again. I could get used to this!

Overall I loved Shanghai. It’s lively, vibrant cosmopolitan vibe was incredible and views were amazing, however with not a great deal to see and the dense population of nearly 25 million making everywhere overwhelmingly busy I was ready to move on. Maybe I’ll return when I’m a millionaire and can take advantage of the designer shopping and swanky rooftop cocktail bars.



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