The bullet train ride from Beijing to Shanghai went remarkably smoothly after a Chinese student from Tianjin kindly helped me find where I needed to go as I evidently looked extremely lost. I arrived during rush hour and the metros were absolutely packed, not the easiest thing to navigate whilst wearing a 15kg backpack.

Once I checked into the hostel I headed to East Nanjing Road for something to eat. It was crazy! Thousands and thousands of people, impressive sky scraper buildings all alight in different colours and more shops and restaurants than imaginable. I stopped for some noodles before walking the length of the street, checking out a few shops and taking in the electric atmosphere. When I arrived back at the hostel I went to check out the bar and met a big group of students from all over the world that were doing an exchange year at a nearby university and had come to Shanghai for the weekend. We drank a few beers and played pool and made plans to hit the nightclubs the following night.

The next morning was spent down at The Bund promenade admiring the views of the river and impressive sky scrapers. It really was an incredible view! I then made my way to Yuyuan Gardens, which, with its large ponds full of carp and wooden walkways over the water, was like a peaceful little pocket in such a busy and buzzing city.


As the evening began I headed to Hotel Indigo with two Scottish girls I’d met at the gardens and went to the rooftop bar. It had the most amazing view and we got there just in time to see the sunset and see Shanghai come to life with bright multicoloured lights. I got back to the hostel just in time to get changed and meet the students before going clubbing. The club we went to was incredible! There were half naked Channing Tatum looking dancers on podiums and we were given a table by a promoter equips with free drinks all night long! Champagne, vodka, tequila shots all for free and constantly topped up. And then, just as you thought it couldn’t get much better they bought out a cheesecake and a fruit platter! Free champagne and cheesecake, literally what more could you want!


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