Longji Rice Terraces

Whilst the hostel I was staying at in Guilin offered day trips to Longji Rice Terraces, I met a couple of lads who told me they were taking a bus up there and stopping over the night on the actual terraces; which I thought sounded much better. So I quickly tagged along and booked a bus ticket and a place at the hostel that they were staying.

We arrived in the evening, just as it was beginning to get dark, and began the hour long hike up the rice terraces to our hostel. It was pitch black and extremely humid. I arrived red faced, sweating, and covered in mosquito bites. We had some dinner and called it an early night after setting our alarms for 5am in order to catch the sun rise over the terraces.

We got up at 5am and again hiked through the pitch black for about half an hour up to the viewing point, ready for the sunrise. It would have been a spectacular place to see the sun rise IF it wasn’t cloudy. But alas, we saw absolutely nothing. The cloud was so thick, very disappointing!

So we went back to the hostel to have breakfast and pack our things before setting off on our hike to the neighbouring village, Ping’an. The hike was supposedly going to take 4–5 hours but that was obviously based on the speed at which Chinese tourists walk, we finished it in less than three. It wasn’t the most challenging hike but it was nice and had some pretty scenic spots along the way. Also walking through the rice fields really showed how much effort must go into the planting and harvesting of such a massive amount of rice!


We sampled some of the rice with lunch and headed back to Guilin. However, the bus we had booked back had been overfilled so myself, the two lads and a French girl we had spent the day with all got dropped back to our hostels (over 2 hours away) in a brand new Audi! No complaints there!


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