Biker Chick: Hue to Hoi An

When we arrived in Hué, we decided to buy motorbikes, best decision ever. Whilst the lads all had proper manual motorbikes I opted for a scooter, which at first I thought wouldn’t be able to keep up with the big bikes but it’s actually a higher CC than some of the bikes so could go even faster. I was quite nervous on it at the beginning, when I went to pick it up it was rush hour and there were a million and one other bikes on the roads of Huè so was not the easiest place or time to get used to it. But I quickly got used to it and had so much fun zipping about the place.


The following day we drove to the natural hot springs, about 30km out of the city, so I properly became accustomed to the scooter on the highway and rural roads. The hot springs were so chilled, perfect way to cure the hangover from the night before, and there were even a couple of surprisingly good water slides. But the highlight was the zip line that went across the park, the longest zip line in Asia. I didn’t even know it was there so was definitely a bonus! We then went to find a rumored abandoned water park, although it is not located on any map and was only found through word of mouth of other travellers. It was definitely worth the adventure to find it; the place was so spooky and very cool to explore.


After doing the pub quiz I had an early night ready for the drive down to Hoi An the next morning. I had planned to bike the Hai Van pass route, a famous biking route due to Top Gear, but after speaking to a guy working at the hostel we decided to take a two day detour up into the mountains near the boarder of Laos. The views were amazing and the roads were pretty much empty apart from the occasional herd of cows we had to dodge. We stopped overnight in a rest house in a tiny village and had an awesome meal and few beers in a local restaurant, real Vietnamese style.

Another day of biking landed us in Hoi An and we checked into the Sunflower hotel, a real party hotel with a pretty nice pool. The time in Hoi An was a bit of a blur, lots and lots of drinking, and beer that costs 3000VD, the equivalent of 9 pence!! I did a bit of exploring of the old town centre but to be honest, mostly just chilled on the beach. It was absolutely gorgeous, spanned for literally miles and was almost empty in most places. Hoi An has been one of my favourite place in Vietnam so far, I met such an awesome group of people, really liked the town itself and generally just had an amazing time. Would 100% recommend anyone to go there.



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