Nha Trang and Da Lat

From Hoi An it took a two days of biking to reach Nha Trang, a very long and bum aching journey. The first day was pretty miserable to be honest, the roads were huge dusty highways and the rain was coming down heavy. We were all very tired and weary when we finally made it to the hostel we had been recommended which was set on a beautiful beach, only we hadn’t booked in advance as we weren’t sure we’d be able to make it that far by sunset and all the beds were sold out, so we had to go back to the nearby city, not ideal. The following day was so much better, the sun was back shining and the views from the coastal roads were beautiful (pictured below). We made it to Nha Trang just in time to meet friends from Hoi An for dinner after which we went to the beach to chill, drink and play cards.


The next morning I went to see the Buddha (which I couldn’t find) and the cathedral (which was closed) and the market (which was rubbish) before spending the rest of the day on the gorgeous beach. We all went for dinner together and to an ice cream parlour before having a couple of drinks in one of the bars. We got speaking to a few people at the bar that were also planning to bike to Da Lat the next day, and then they knew others too, and we ended up with a big group of 10 of us planning to meet the next morning for the ride.

It was so much fun with such a big group of us, and the mountain roads and views were incredible! I had such a fun day, despite it being very slow with several break downs and losing someone it was awesome doing it with such a big group.


Da Lat was much bigger than I had expected and had a very Western European architectural vibe, it looks a bit like a French mountain town. The central point of the town is a large lake which was beautiful to watch the swan pedalos going around whilst the sun set. The draw of Da Lat is the surrounding forests where you can hike, mountain bike and see the waterfalls. I decided to do canyoning which included abseiling down three waterfalls, one of which was 35 meters high, as well as cliff jumping. It was actually so difficult to do with the water being so powerful and rocks being so slippy and I came away with a few cuts and bruises but it was so much fun.



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